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Michelle medoff

Michelle's first single as "Me'Chell" became popular in the community for its driving beats and multicultural influences, a product of her New York City upbringing. Her first single 'Live Out Loud' has become one of the most listened to songs in her genre. As a follow up, she will be dropping her new single, Don't Want to Wait through indie label New Muzik Order.

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Danielle Cohn

 Danielle is a top muser for musically with 4 million followers, a BMG model, and your 2015 Miss Florida National American Miss Jr Preteen.


FHB is hiding under the guise because they want everything to be about the music coming out of the gate -- keeping race, age, gender, looks, and history out of the picture. The artist involved in this project was adamant about truly being judged on the music, and not letting outside factors influence the audience's perspective.