Live with Ryan Anderson

We partnered with Three Guys Productions in shooting a Talk Show Commercial. We opened it up for the public to come be apart of it. We had a great turn out. Getting really pumped for this. 

Studio Interviews

Had a great time filming with this team today! Shooting interviews in front of the white wall. The iPad teleprompter came through once again. Easy to edit on the fly. 

White Walls


Had a great time filming with our client! Donuts and coffee in the morning are always a must! We used an iPad TelePrompTer which worked our really well! Shooting RAW on our cameras gave us the ability to really make the colors pop in post without losing any detail.  

YFC Midwinter 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.34.57 PM.png

Had a great time working with the tech crew for YFC Midwinter. Our job was creating visual content for a massive 6 panels screen projection all week at a conference in the Palmer House. Our creative engines didn't allow us to get much sleep but had a great time working with everyone. 

Shooting in Chicago!! Movies of course!


Few weeks ago we shot our green screen car chase! Today we captured the 'back plates' for those scenes. Mounted our handy GoPro to the front, side, & back of the car.  

Torrey Pines Golf Tournament!

We had the privilege of shooting YFC Champions in San Diego, CA Torrey Pines! This video was shot and edited on an iPhone 5s. The Bland brothers - Jake and Joe took 1st place in the B-Flight! Enjoy this quick overview of our trip!

Script Run Throughs


Ran through the script with our main characters. Amber made sure no one was re-working the script because producers don't like that! Director Salazar provided some good acting tips! Hannah taking over wardrobe on what to wear and what not to wear!  

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 6.09.00 PM (2).png

Imperium Cast Meeting


Held our first Imperium cast meeting! Covered everything from Pre-Production to Production! Now it's up to the actors to remember their lines!!