YFC Champions

Bland Productions is excited to be playing at The Broadmoor golf tournament this year. This will be the 4th year Bland participates in YFC Champions.  We are extremely grateful they keep asking us to come back. Our golf skills can not be compared to our work skills, but we still have fun! This year is different, we are bringing in a ringer, Dad!  

2014 Overview from Torrey Pines

Imperium On-Location 

With only 45 min racing against the sun, we were able to grab some beautiful shots with the helicopter. This would have not been possible without our pilot, land owners, cast, and crew. So HUGE thanks to them! 

Blaze Fest NYC 2014

Blaze Fest Hip-Hop Camp 

Bland Productions sent a film crew to NYC to cover 2014 Blaze Fest. Blaze Fest Hip-Hop Camp is an innovative summer community outreach event sponsored by Youth for Christ New York City. During the last week in August, youth ages 11-19 can participate in a structured experience where they can learn to express themselves through the following art forms: break dancing, dj-ing, mc-ing, graffiti art, and beat making. Blaze Fest culminates on Saturday, with a festival to celebrate the kids and the community as well as to kick off the new school year.

Imperium Post-Production

It's been a year since we were in Production. Still going strong with editing. Imperium is very heavy in Special & Visual Effects making things very time consuming. The film is basically all laid out on the timeline, we are just going through adding effects.

We plan on showing Imperium in LA, NYC, CO, and IL. Let us know if you are in the area! We will keep you updated! 

YFCamp North Carolina Point

YFCamp North Carolina Point (Week 1 & 2)

Bland Productions drove down to North Carolina to film our last two YFC Camps. Shooting all day, editing all night, we delivered around 400 DVDs end of the two camps for students to go home with. Derek and I got to experience the camp as you can see in the video above. 



Bland Productions traveled back to NYC for some intensive shooting. The weather was not kind to us but we took advantage of it. Capturing severe thunderstorms overlooking the city from Brooklyn. Also, setting up the camera crane in the pouring rain in East Harlem made things interesting. We had a great overcast in Randall''s Island and decent weather while shooting downtown in time square. We did find some time to launch the helicopter to get beautiful aerials over Harlem. Looking forward in going back next month. It's always a great time hanging with Ray. 

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Derek and I got to visit Silver Lake in Michigan. Found out pretty quick I wouldn't be able to survive in a desert. The weather only allowed us to get one flight in. Lifted off from Derek's hands so no sand would get stuck inside the chopper. 

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YFCamp - Cran Hill


Had a great time filming CranHill YFCamp. We packed as many toys as we could inside our small rental car. My cousin Derek is interning with me this summer for three YFCamps. Derek was primarily using our broadcast camera & field GoPros while I was flying our remote helicopter and DSLR rigs. It was really nice having an extra pair of hands this year. We were shooting all day, and editing all night. We provided 200 15min DVDs by the last day for campers to take home. We averaged 3 hours of sleep each night, and didn't sleep on our last night. Playing organized sports growing up I never wanted to leave energy out on the field. I do the same thing for jobs. Derek and I had a great time. Looking forward to both Carolina Camps this July & Aug!

World War II Reenactment

Photo May 31, 11 33 43 AM.jpg

Took the remote helicopter to Sommer Park for a World War II Reenactment. We will upload a full version soon! 


We added a remote helicopter to our arsenal. The integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding, provides altitude lock along with stable hovering. We get about 20min of flight time. 

White River

white river

Shooting some video in White River with my brother and sister-in-law. The weather brought cold rain but didn't stop us from shooting. We ended up seeing 2 beavers but I don't have the photos to prove it. You'll just have to trust me. The beaver was standing on two legs looking right at us from a big rock. It was the million dollar photo. I wasn't able to change the camera settings fast enough back from video to photography. Excuses. Had an awesome time with the brother and sister. 

Regional Video Planning

Traveled straight from NYC to Denver for YFC USA Regional Conference planning. Dreamed up some cool video ideas. At night, we played some old school Nintendo 64 Golden Eye. We also grabbed some Rockie tickets. Had a great time with this team

Harlem New York Video Shoot

Ray Villegas is pioneering YFC ministry in NYC. Bland Productions got the opportunity to help capture their mission. My talented cousin tagged along to help shoot! We spent the day running around all over NYC capturing NYC icons. While in Rockefeller, of course Meredith and I sniffed out Aunties pretzels multiple floors above. We followed our nose and found us some quality pretzels. The following day we captured some interviews with a beautiful sunset overlooking Harlem. 

The Hamptons NYC

Traveled to the Hamptons to visit my cousins before my shoot in Harlem. We ate way to much food. My cousin Matt was talking about food before we even came. Went to the beach to capture some b-roll for my project in Harlem. It was great to see them!